Transfer ELD Log in Geotab


It is very easy to transfer ELD logs in Geotab Drive app. It is important to know how to do this as you may be required to transfer ELD logs to a duty officer during a roadside inspection. 

Here are the ways you can transfer ELD logs in Geotab Drive:

United States:

The Unites States uses a centrally located system called eRODS. This was designed so that the logs can be sent from any ELD provider directly from the app to eRODS and the duty officer can access eRODS to receive the ELD logs. 

The Geotab Drive app was designed to work with eRODS systems and allows for seamless transfer between the Geotab ELD and the FMCSA.

Here are the methods you can use:

  1. Email: You can enter the officers id code in the system and select email. This will send an encrypted email to the FMCSA with the logs and the routed back to the duty officer
  2. Web Service: This will transfer the eld logs using an encrypted service to the FMCSA servers where the officer can download it themselves. 
  3. Compliance print: This will show the full ELD log on the screen, so that you may show it to the officer on the spot. 

transfering ELD logs


As the Canadian ELD mandate was announced, we found some key differences between the USA and Canadian manadates. One of the major difference is that Transport Canada will not be implementing a centrally located servers as the eRODS system. This means that the drivers will need to have the ability to show the duty officers their ELD logs directly from device or send a direct email copy to the officers email address. 

At this moment Geotab Drive only supports the “compliance print” option outlined above to show the ELD logs to the officer. Geotab will be implementing a way to email the duty officers, once Transport Canada provides a clear instructions on how to transfer logs. 



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