Valor Temperature Tracking on Geotab

The Valor temperature tracking (TempTrac) solution available on the Geotab Marketplace provides real-time temperature tracking for mobile and/or fixed assets. Temptrac is Cold Chain Custody compliant, meeting both the US FSMA and European EN12830 requirements. The patented system monitors up to 4 zones simultaneously that seamelesy integrates into the Geotab tracking system. 

The Valor TempTrac solution uses the wireless temperature sensors placed in your refrigerated trailers or boxes and connects to the Geotab GO devices using the IOX port on the device. The installation is simple as placing the sensors on the refrigrated units and connect the receiver to the Geotab IOX port. The solution works on Geotab Regulatory, Pro and Pro plus plans.


Features & Benefits

  • Real-time monitoring of temperature, samples every four seconds, transmits every ten seconds, or 1 degree temperature change.
  • Immediate SMS or email alerts for over- and under-temperature changes
  • Track temperatures through the life of a shipment and trend temperatures over time
  • Wirelessly monitor up to 4 Zones
  • Real-time monitoring removes the need for manual temperature inspection
  • “Out of bounds” temperature warnings alert you to potential issues
  • Understanding temperature throughout your chain of custody allows you to deliver safely and with confidence
  • Meets both the US FSMA and European EN12830 requirements

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