You can check in on non-communicating units by utilizing the Watchdog Report on your MyGeotab dashboard. Please navigate to Dashboard & Analytics > Dashboard. By clicking on the graphic for the Watchdog Report it will download the report with the data for you. When you open the Excel file, please navigate to the “Report” tab to see how long it has been since each of your units have communicated.

watchdog report on Geotab

Please note that units in the category “Not Active” may be units which have not been activated yet, are on suspend mode, or have been terminated. The rate plans can be viewed in the downloaded Excel file as well.

Some of the important data you will be able to view includes:

  • Vehicle
  • Group
  • Serial Number
  • Status
  • Device Plan
  • Last Communication Date
  • Last Known Address
  • Days Since Last Moved
  • Days Since Communication Received
  • Map View

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on the status of your unit(s).

Billing for Non-Communicating Units

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