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Gone are the days of wasting pointless time and money on weigh stations! Using geofences for enabled bypasses, Drivewyze allows for a weigh station bypass from any lane for fixed, mobile or temporary inspection stations. The average cost for a weigh station stop of 3-5 minutes was $11.18 in 2020. As gas prices continue to rise, you can only imagine how this number will increase.

Since Drivewyze can be used as a Geotab Drive app add-in, there is no additional transponder needed. Bypasses are available in 47 states and provinces. This is 3x more than other bypass providers!

Drivewyze Weigh Station Bypass Solution (52s):


How does it work? 

Whether you will receive a bypass it mainly based on your carrier’s safety score, however other aspects such as IFTA reporting and vehicle registration can play a part as well. Some carriers have been seen to receive a bypass in up to 98% of cases.

Watch this short 4 minute video below to see how the Drivewyze weight station bypass add-in works within the Geotab Drive app:


Features And Benefits of Drivewyze’s Weigh Station Bypass Solution

Unparalleled Reach

Eligible stations across most of North America, with 3x more states and provinces than competing bypass providers. 

Easy to Understand Notifications

Advance notifications before you arrive at a weigh station site to provide drivers with instructions to either enter the station or if they have approval for a bypass.  

Set-Up is Easy as 1-2-3!

Uses the Geotab Drive app and no additional transponders.

Increased Driver Satisfaction

Drivewyze’s services help drivers complete their routes faster, helping them to earn more and get home quicker!

Safety Alerts

Advance notice of zones with safety concerns such as low overheads, rollover areas, etc to help lower accidents.


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