GPS Tracking Canada Device Orders: How It Works

Customizing Your Solution

When it comes to getting your fleet outfitted with a GPS tracking solution, are you sitting there wondering how it works? When you contact us with an interest in helping you set up a fleet management system, our sales team will assist you in several quick steps. Firstly, we will have a phone conversation with you to understand your needs and what you hope the fleet management system will accomplish on your behalf. From there, we will be upfront and honest about how well our solution will assist you in attaining those goals outlined. Afterwards, you will be offered a no-cost, and no pressure demonstration of the system, allowing you and your team members to see how well our solution will actually fulfil your requirements. After the demonstration, you’ll receive a quote that is fairly priced according to the market! 

Order Reconciliation

When you purchase a GPS device and tracking plan, a member of our staff will prepare your order to ship, along with any additional requirements for your vehicle(s) and/or equipment. By addressing any vehicle or equipment requirements before we process payment and assemble your order, we can help to ensure that you will have everything you need to get started when your order arrives!

OBDII Tracking Devices

Some vehicles may need a specific harness to allow the unit to connect into the diagnostic port. The OBDII port location in some vehicles may cause the OBDII tracking device to protrude, but this can be easily remedied by repositioning the port or making use of one of the aforementioned adapters.

Hardwired Tracking Devices OR Special Adapter Requirements

If your customized solution required the use of a hardwired tracking device or custom adapter harnesses we will have our third party professional installers reach out to you to schedule an appointment. It is important that we are able to verify the installation at the time, not on the weekend, and so installations should be scheduled during our business hours whenever possible.

Battery Powered Tracking Devices

Instructions regarding the mounting/positioning of your battery powered tracking device will be provided to you. As with any tracking device, you need to ensure that it is not placed somewhere with metal blocking the signal (ie. inside of a full metal trailer) as this will block cellular and GPS signals. 

Database Customization

Once your order is confirmed and processed, we will start working on the customization of your database, add in your first initial user and some custom reports/alerts to fit your needs. This initial set up will be based on the previous conversation we had with you.

Onboarding and Support

After your order has shipped, our in-house Support Department will be contacting you to complete your Onboarding in order to further understand your needs and what will make the solution a success for you, as well as providing you with an introductory training session. Following this discussion, we will send out your login information and some useful getting started links. We will schedule an additional Review session with you during the Onboarding session as well. This can be a much-shorter screen-share session to review any outstanding questions or concerns with the system. This way, we don’t leave any questions on the table!

From high level “how it works” to deeper dives into the system’s capabilities, your on-going training and support for the system will be handled by us, during our operating hours. We will check in on you a few weeks after you start using the system to make sure that it is working for your needs. We will also periodically check in on you throughout the year to make sure that you are always happy with our GPS tracking solution!


If you have any questions about the information above, please contact us.

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