How To Import Multiple Geofence in Wialon


This page we will look at how to import multiple geofences in Wialon. Wialon only allows you to import geofences through KML or KMZ files. Therefore, we first need to create a compatible file and upload it to the system.

Here are step by instructions on how to import multiple geofences in Wialon:

1. Download the excel template and put your address them:

First step is to download the excel file template we prepared for you to input your desired locations and names for the Geofences. 

You can download the file Here

2. Go to and copy the document and paste it into their geocoder:

We can use to convert the excel template into a KML file. The first step is to convert the address and names in the template to a geocoded link. 

To do this copy everything on your excel template and paste it into the box on and click MAP NOW. See the image below


3. Send the Geocoded map link to your email:

After you have clicked MAP NOW, you will see a popup where you can enter a name for the map and enter your email address. Once you click SAVE MAP, you will receive an email with a link to the Geocoded map.

4. Use the map link to download a KML file:

Once you have the map link in your email, click the link to see a Geocoded map. You can convert this map to a KML file by adding “kml/” after “map/” in the link and pressing enter/return key on our keyboard. This will download a KML file that can be uploaded to Wialon. 

For example. a link such as, can be converted to a KML URL by adding “kml/” after “map/” to get

5. Import the KML file to Wialon to create the geofences

You can use import the file you downloaded in from to Wialon to add the geofences. See the short video below:

6. Edit each geofence to make sure the fit the location correctly:

You can edit each individual geofence in Wialon to make sure the fit the location correctly. To do this you can go into the Geofence properties by clicking the spanner icon. See image below. Once you have modified the geofences to your liking you can are all set up. 



If you have any questions about how to import mulitple geofences in Wialon or any of the other features, please contact us directly. 


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