Wialon GPS Tracking System history playback in parking lot

This video shows a “breadcrumb trail” gps tracking history playback
in the Wialon GPS tracking system.

  • This video shows: GPS Tracking History Breadcrumb Trail and Playback
  • This video illustrates the level of accuracy and detail that you can expect to receive from this vehicle tracking system

  • This scenario might be typical of a vehicle travelling to make deliveries
    • for the Snow Removal industry, this level of accuracy and detail is important to use in a
      defence against slip ‘n fall claims

  • This level of accuracy and detail can be used for all industries that have vehicles:
    • to give insurance providers and courts proof of vehicle activity at the time of a collision or vandalism, or 
    • to provide proof to clients to show fulfillment of contractual obligations


Please keep in mind that:

  • The playback speed has been accelerated for this illustration. This tracking system allows you full control over the playback speed.
  • This satellite view shown here is the Bing maps , therefore it is not an 100% accurate representation of where the vehicle actually traveled/ Of course this tracking system also has the option to show the Google maps, direct overhead 90 degree satellite view. If the direct overhead 90 degree satellite view had been chosen for this illustration, it would therefore have more accurately represented where the vehicle actually traveled.

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