Wialon Mobile App


The Wialon Mobile app for IOS and Android provides you with the possibility to use basic Wialon features on your mobile devices. The Wialon mobile client is available for both Android and iOS platforms. It a quick and efficient way of managing your vehicles on the GO.

The set of the Wialon  app features the following functionality:

  1. Unit list management: Get all the necessary information on movement and ignition state, data actuality and unit location in real time.
  2. Map mode: Access units, geofences, tracks and event markers on the map with the option to detect your own location.

wialon app map


3. Quick navigation: Allows you to locate and navigate to the location of the vehicle directly from your smartphone app just by long pressing on the vehicles location:

4. Tracking mode: Monitor precise location and parameters received from a particular unit. Find out exactly how long your vehicles has traveled and parked and lookup up all the detailed sensor data that is available for your device.

wialon app history

5. Notifications management: Receive and view notifications in the app. Allows you to group notifications by vehicles or type of notification.

6. Locator function: Create links and share unit locations directly from the App. For more information visit: https://gpstrackingcanada.com/locator-links.html

Can be used on both iOS and Android devices.


To download the app  visit:


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