Wialon Routing and Logistics planner

For route optimization and managing your deliveries


Wialon Logistics is a universal program designed to control all stages of delivery and field services operations. The service allows to perform a wide range of tasks in different areas. Logistics app can be used for managing delivery – transportation arrangements, route optimization and cost saving. Logistics comprises a web-version for dispatchers and a mobile application for drivers.

Web-version ensures effective operating procedures management:

  • order placement
  • planning and distribution
  • optimized routing
  • delivery process monitoring and coordination.

Logistics mobile app is designed for delivery men and mobile employees.


Routing can be optimized using the following:

  • Delivery/visit time frames
  • Different unloading times for different orders 
  • Routing automatically optimized between multiple vehicles
  • fixed or adjustable start/end locations


The Wialon Logistics optimization system will work using a combination of a web app for coordinators and a mobile app for drivers/delivery person:

The web app features:

  1. Ability to create or import multiple orders with detailed descriptions 
  2. Route optimization allows you to select orders and vehicles and get preliminary routes comprising data on the estimated arrival time and mileage. 
  3. Track the delivery process in real-time and respond to emerging issues through phone calls or chatting with the driver.
  4. Get analytics from reports and communicate with clients by e-mail notifications.

The mobile app features:

  1. Assigning status to an order (delivered/rejected) and call-to-client button.
  2. Laying the route to an order using external navigational apps.
  3. Detailed description on orders Address, goods volume and weight, price, delivery time, etc.
  4. Comments and photos to an order.
  5. Chatting with the dispatcher. A handy chat to notify a dispatcher on any circumstances considering the delivery.


Presentation of Wialon Logistics Program

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