GPS Tracking Canada partners with Wialon

GPS Tracking Canada partners with Wialon to bring a trulydevice agnostic tracking system allowing us to provide a custom solution for your needs.  Wialon has over 2,000,000 units connected and is among the top 5 GPS Tracking providers in the world. 

Some key statistics:

  • 2,000,000+ Units connected
  • 1,600+ compatible device (from vehicle trackers to satellite only tracking solutions)
  • In use over 130 countries
  • 1000+ partners worldwide
  • Offices all over the world

Wialon is a fully feature tracking system that can be customized to your liking. It has the ability to produce detailed reports, notifications and also has couple of great built in application. 

Features in Wialon:

Wialon also has some great applications built in to the system as well:

  • Logistics: This is an order management and routing application that allows you to organize your orders and dispatch them to your driver through a mobile app. You can create multiple routes and the mobile app can be used as proof of delivery system by allowing your drivers to take a signature or picture of the deliveries.
  • Locator links: Wialon Locator links are unique feature that allows yous to share tracking link of one or more of your vehicle to anyone. This way they can track your vehicle without having to log into the system. 

The Wialon system is device agnostic, meaning we can integrate multiple types of devices from different vendors into the system. We have devices that range from OBD II plug n play to solar tracking units for your assets. We also have satellite only tracking devices what can be used in areas with no cell coverage.

Here are some of the devices we integrate into Wialon:


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