Why GPS Tracking Canada?

With GPS Tracking Canada’s comprehensive systems of mobile GPS units and secure access from any computer, you can track your entire fleet of vehicles, record vehicle activity and analyse the data all in real-time. Then you get to put all that reliable and useful information to work, saving money and improving customer service.


years of fleet experience

With over two decades of fleet management experience, GPS Tracking Canada’s Geotab tracking solution has proven itself as an industry leader.

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companies use Geotab

GPS Tracking Canada’s Geotab tracking solution has no lengthy contracts.

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marketplace & partner integrations

Extensive integrations to protect and enhance your productivity and investment.

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for your business

We listen to your needs and customize the solution to make it do what you want it to do – at no extra cost.

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to your budget

You don’t pay for bells and whistles that you don’t need. Only pay for what you need.

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All of our GPS tracking solutions are customized for your business and tailored to your budget...

Return on Investment

At GPS Tracking Canada, we understand that every company benefits from GPS Tracking in different ways...

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Working for Your Business

When you choose GPS Tracking Canada to improve your business, you get a powerful combination of technologies to monitor and measure the productivity of your drivers and vehicles, with the convenience of easy, secure access from any computer, smartphone or tablet.


GPS Tracking Canada’s tracking solutions are a simple installation into each vehicle, which then transmits important vehicle and driver measurements and location data. Your online access provides a wide range of data to give you real-time, at-a-glance information and a suite of customizable reports, so you receive the information you need to reduce your labour and fuel costs, improve your business operations and receive a very quick return on investment. Many business have reported the monthly service fee recovered in the very first week of use. The service pays for itself on a vehicle by vehicle basis, every month, many times over.

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GPS Tracking for Your Industry

From asset management to vehicle maintenance, GPS tracking offers many benefits from a single, easy-to-use system with secure access from any computer or smartphone. Contact us to see why a growing number of businesses are taking advantage of the insights they get from GPS tracking every day!


GPS tracking helps companies in the construction industry better manage both their on-road and off-road assets. Diagnostics and fault codes help in maintaining your fleet and improving uptime.

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Reduce fuel costs and increase your productivity for your delivery vehicles by utilizing the insights that only GPS tracking can provide.

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fleetcam has weatherproof cameras

Trucking / Transport

GPS Tracking Canada has partnered with Geotab to be able to provide its certified ELD solution to both Canadian and American clients.

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John Deere OEM Telematics, GO9 RUGGED


GPS tracking can help with precision farming, planning, soil sampling, and more.

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Landscaping & Snow Removal

Landscaping and snow removal companies alike can benefit from GPS tracking. No longer will you have to fight to prove job completion when you can visibly see start and stop times on the map!

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