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It’s not often you find a single product that improves your business in so many ways. The bottom line is that GPS Tracking Canada’s GPS tracking systems for vehicles and fleets helps you save money and increase income.We will develop an effective GPS tracking solution specifically for your needs and budget. From one vehicle to 100, businesses of all sizes get immediate information for on-the-fly decision-making that stops problems before they start and gives you more mileage and better utilization from your existing vehicles. Your employees like it because fleet tracking streamlines their work and, even better, your customers love it because GPS tracking means you can better serve them. If you are ready to buy, or just starting to learn more, you owe it to yourself and your business to discover the many ways GPS Tracking Canada can make your business better.


GPS Tracking Benefits

With GPS Tracking Canada’s comprehensive systems of mobile GPS units and secure access from…

Return On Investment

At GPS Tracking Canada, we understand that every company benefits from GPS tracking in different ways…

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How GPS Tracking Works

When you choose GPS Tracking Canada to improve your business, you get a powerful combination of…

Why GPS Tracking Canada?

It’s about giving you the ability to use GPS tracking to its maximum benefit, giving you the maximum return on your investment.

How GPS Tracking

Works for Your Business

When you choose GPS Tracking Canada to improve your business, you get a powerful combination of technologies to monitor and measure the productivity of your drivers and vehicles, with the convenience of easy, secure access from any computer, smartphone or tablet. GPS Tracking Canada’s tracking solutions are a simple installation into each vehicle, which then transmits important vehicle and driver measurements and location data. Your online access provides a wide range of data to give you real-time, at-a-glance information and a suite of customizable reports, so you receive the information you need to reduce your labour and fuel costs, improve your business operations and receive a very quick return on investment.  Many business have reported the monthly service fee recovered in the very first week of use. The service pays for itself on a vehicle by vehicle basis, every month, many times over.

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What our clients are saying…

  • A GPS logger simply logs the position of the device at regular intervals in its internal memory. GPS loggers have either a memory card slot, or internal flash memory and a USB port. Some act as a USB flash drive. This allows downloading of the track log data for further analyzing in a computer.

  • A GPS receiver and a mobile phone sit side-by-side in the same box, powered by the same battery. At regular intervals, the phone sends a text message via SMS, containing the data from the GPS receiver.

  • I just wanted to say that we really like the GPS fleet tracking system. We like that it is easy to use and it works well.What we like most is the amount money that we have saved in gas costs and labour costs

    Iqbal Mahmood A-1 Towing, Auto Express & Expediting / President

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GPS Tracking Benefits

With GPS Tracking Canada’s comprehensive systems of mobile GPS units and secure access from any computer, you can track your entire fleet of vehicles, record vehicle activity and analyse the data all in real-time. Then you get to put all that reliable and useful information to work, saving money and improving customer service.

Geotab is now certified for ELD use in Canada!

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