16-pin Light and Medium Duty Harnesses

16-pin OBDII Harness for Light and Medium Duty Vehicles

Depending on the diagnostics port in your vehicle, you may require an adapter in order to connect the Geotab GO device. The specific harness required for your vehicle is dependent on the vehicle’s make, model, year and the port connection it has.


OBDII Harness Extension Cable

If you decide that you do not want to make the adjustment to reposition the OBDII port, you can purchase an OBDII extension cable which allows you to extend the unit’s placement as shown in the video below.

Please keep in mind that while this video was created for the GO5 model, the same concept applies to all subsequent models.

Please Note: The video tutorial is incorrect, the ribbon extension cable is no longer included with the Geotab GO unit and has since been discontinued.


Universal 16-pin (OBD II) T-harness

The OBD II T-harness is a plug and play install and can be used to hide the Geotab GO device behind the dash while leaving a free OBDII port.

While the installation is simple, you will need to do a quick visual inspection to determine the position of the port in your vehicle. If it is easily accessible or may be knocked by the driver, we suggest purchasing a OBD II T-harness. The T-harness will come in a kit which also has different mounting adapters to be using in most light- and medium-duty vehicles.

Geotab Harnesses OBDII T-harness

Please see OBD II T-harness installation.


Either the Extension Cable or the T-Harness will work depending on your specific needs.


For any adapter or harness, please keep in mind that the GPS tracking unit must not be positioned where the signal will be completely blocked by metal.

For heavy duty vehicles, please click here.

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