Asset Tracking: Increased ROI, Increased Peace of Mind

When you keep better track of your valuable assets, they will be more secure and you will get more value for your investment.

With secure access from any computer, GPS Tracking Canada’s Asset Tracking system combines Real-Time Information, Instant Alerts and Customized Reports so you can make more informed and profitable decisions.

  • Protect your valuable vehicle and equipment assets from being lost or stolen.
    • Reduce losses with instant notification when equipment leaves a site
  • Monitor large or small assets even courier packages from any computer
    • Enhance customer service with real-time delivery information and the power to track their services
  • Manage your equipment better with instant location and in-transit information
    • Improve ROI with more efficient equipment utilization

From a single unit to equipment assets located across the city, province or country: safeguard them and get more value from your investment with Asset Tracking.

Newer, smaller, less costly asset tracking devices.

Asset tracking / asset management Asset tracking / asset management has become so common and inexpensive these days that it doesn’t make sense not having it.

Newer, smaller, less costly asset tracking devices are constantly introduced.

At GPS Tracking Canada we have a range of asset tracking devices that can meet your requirements and your budget. The asset tracking systems today can be as small as a credit card and hidden virtually anywhere. The tracking rate plans are generally geared to how often a look up is performed. Your company may not need to locate the asset as frequently as another company, so we can customize a tracking plan to meet your requirements and budget.

These asset tracking systems will allow you to know where your assets / off road vehicles are at all times. The asset management solutions are easy to use and give you peace of mind. You be glad you have the asset tracking device installed, if your asset ever goes missing or gets stolen. The asset tracking system will pay for itself many times over.

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