Billing For Non-Communicating Units


Important information regarding billing for non communicating units: 

1) Non-Functioning Unit(s):

If a unit is lost, has stopped communicating or if it is having any issues whatsoever, it is your responsibility to let us know via email if any tracking units or the tracking system is not functioning as expected. Without notification, we have no way of knowing if your device is not communicating, malfunctioning or whether it is simply lost.  Therefore we are unable to help you troubleshoot the unit or terminate the unit and the associated charges.  As a courtesy to our clients, on occasion we spot check databases to see if all units are working, otherwise we have no means of knowing if any units are not working and it remains your responsibility to let us know via email if any tracking units or the tracking system is not functioning as expected.  We will confirm receipt of your email message, upon receipt.

2) Charges:

  1. A) Credit or Refund:
    We are charged for the service from the manufacturer, regardless of state of the unit, as identified above.  Like us, the manufacturer does not know about the state of the unit, as identified in item #1 above, until we inform them to terminate the unit and the associated charges. Therefore we can not provide any credit or refund for non-functioning units, for charges that we have already incurred for a non-functioning unit, as identified in item #1 above.B) Malfunctioning or Non-Communicating Units:
    If your unit is malfunctioning, your billing needs to continue because the device needs to be active for the troubleshooting steps and therefore the manufacturer will continue to charge us. If the unit is inaccessible or if you would like to troubleshoot the device(s) at a later time, please let us know and we can suspend tracking temporarily for lower monthly fee, on a month by month basis.

    C) Lost Units:
    If your unit is lost and you want us to terminate the service on the unit and all associated charges, then we can do so, however terminated units can not be reactivated.  Please keep this in mind if you locate the lost, terminated unit sometime in the future.

    D) Billing Cycle:
    All suspension/plan change requests are processed one time on the first of the upcoming month. Please contact us for more details regarding the billing of suspended or terminated units.

3) Communication:

The change in status of a tracking unit or the change in status of billing must be done via written, confirmed email communication.  Ie. if you initiate communication with us we will confirm the email communication. If we initiate communication with you, we will look for confirmation of our email communication.

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