Canadian ELD Mandate

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The Canadian ELD mandate was announced recently and requires all drivers that are currently using paper logs to switch to an ELD (Electronic Logging Device) by June 12, 2021. The Canadian mandate was designed to be aligned with the American ELD regulations. Here is the key information you need to know regarding ELD:

All drivers using that are currently using paper logs are required to use starting June 12, 2021, unless your following categories:

ELD Exemptions:

  1. If you have a permit issued by the regulators to allow your exemption.
  2. If under statutory laws your vehicles are exempt.
  3. Short term rentals for 30 days or less.
  4. Commercial vehicles that were manufactured before the year 2000.
  5. If your vehicle operates less than 160km radius from your come terminal. 


Basic rules outlined in Canadian ELD Mandate:

  • Drivers are required to carry supporting documents such as app manual and backup paper logs at all times. 
  • If there are any ELD malfunctions, the driver would have 14 days or upon return to the home terminal from the current trip to fix the issue.
  • More information to follow


We at GPS Tracking Canada and our partners at Geotab have already been offering ELD for the last 4 years. The Geotab Drive App is a comprehensive ELD solution that is been used by thousands of drivers as a primary ELD solution in Canada and the USA. Geotab Drive already has the Canadian Rulesets in the system and we have many clients operating large fleets in Canada that are already using the Geotab Drive solution to get ready for the Canadian ELD mandate. The Geotab Drive App is very easy to use the ELD system than can be used on your tablet or your phone. It allows you to perform your daily inspections (DVIR) and upload them to the system. The Geotab Drive App works in conjunction with the Geotab GO device to create a complete state of the art cloud ELD solution. 


We have compiled a common list of question from our clients and the answers in this post

We have also posted tips on switching to ELD that you may find useful:

For more information on how to get started with ELD, please contact us

For a complete ELD mandate visit


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