Digital Matter Approved Batteries for Asset Trackers

Digital Matter Remora2 asset tracker

So you have purchased a Digital Matter asset tracking device from us here at GPS Tracking Canada, and after months/years the batteries have died and need replacing. Can you buy any battery from the dollar store and call it a day? The answer is no.

These devices should be using lithium or LTC batteries. Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries are guaranteed not to leak.

Alkaline batteries are not recommended as they have a shorter battery life which will affect the tracking life expectancy and alkaline batteries are prone to leakage. Therefore we can’t assure the tracking life expectancy when alkaline batteries are used nor replacement of units due to damage caused by leaking batteries.

See here: Why Alkaline Batteries Are Prone to Leaking.


If you have a Digital Matter device and are still unsure of what batteries you should be using, please contact us.


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