Driver Coaching

Bad driving behaviour affects both vehicle & fuel costs, as well as your company’s image. By using the in cab audible alerts in addition to reviewing rule breaks associated through Driver ID you can conduct driver coaching to help reduce or eliminate bad driving habits going forward.

Basic driver coaching can be accomplished through audible feedback on the device itself:

driver coaching Geotab device

and it can also be setup as driver feedback for any of the built in or custom Geotab rules:

driver coaching driver feedback rules Geotab

Some of the Geotab rules that require advanced engine/device information, such as harsh acceleration, are only available on the Pro Plan and above. When these are setup, you can once again use the audible alerts or driver feedback to help correct these behaviours as they happen.

Basic driver coaching events include: speeding, idling, too much time spent at the office, harsh braking, and more!

Advanced driver coaching events include: PTO usage, harsh accelerlation, harsh cornering, seatbelt use, and more!


Learn more about driver coaching to help improve your company’s image and bottom line today.

driver coaching speeding

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