HOS/ELD Instruction Guides

Geotab is a certified ELD provider for HOS logging in both Canada and the USA!


Geotab has many great videos, separated into for driver and admin how-to videos.

MyGeotab HOS Admin – Where Do I Start? (Admin POV): This video walks through the various aspects of Hours of Service logging.

Admin How-To’s PlaylistThis playlist breaks everything down from editing driver HOS logs to creating custom DVIR defects. Separated into short videos so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Driver How-To’s PlaylistThis set of videos is incredibly helpful and we encourage you to share this with your drivers. It will walk them through every step of the Geotab Drive App, from logging in to managing logs to messaging and everything in between.


The Geotab Drive – HOS Driver Instruction Guide will cover how to log into the application. How to enter the asset attached to the vehicle, and how to get around the user interface. The guide will also cover hours of service graph and fully explain the time used. The guide will also cover how to verify the drivers logs.

Please reach out to Support if you have any questions and we can help direct you.

geotab drive app for HOS and ELD
geotab vehicle tracking device

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