FleetCam Integration with MyGeotab

Geotab has partnered with FleetCam, an all-in-one camera system to help monitor your drivers, prevent accidents from happening with driver coaching, and show you what happened in the unfortunate event an accident does occur.

This quick video shows what the integration of the FleetCam solution looks like in the MyGeotab platform:

Read on to find out more!

What are FleetCam®’s main features?

  • Live Streaming Video
  • HD Resolution
  • Driver Behavior Notifications
  • Automatic Clip Recordings
  • AI-Supported Cabin Feedback
  • Streaming Video History
  • Breadcrumb Trail Snapshots
  • Redundant Recordings
fleetcam has weatherproof cameras

What types of cameras are available?

  • Cabin cameras
  • Road-facing cameras
  • Weatherproof exterior cameras
  • Additional camera options – Up to 5 cameras can be installed (only on Enterprise plan)

What package options are available?

  • FleetCam® has three customizable package options available to fit your fleet’s specific needs.
  • FleetCam® Essential – driver and road facing. Up to 2 cameras.
  • FleetCam® Enterprise – up to 5 cameras, including driver and road. Redundant recordings are configurable.
  • FleetCam® AI – Only available with Enterprise. Add artificial intelligence (AI) to your camera system to detect unsafe driving and get in-cab driver coaching.
dash camera sticker

What events does FleetCam® automatically capture?

Triggers for the clips include:

  • Speeding
  • Harsh Braking
  • Harsh Accelerating
  • Harsh Turning
  • Potential Collisions

Clips are also automatically saved when a camera is disconnected or unexpectedly loses power, so you can see if anyone attempts to tamper with the equipment.

What types of driver behavior are detected by FleetCam’s AI cameras?

These AI cameras detect when a driver is:

  • Falling asleep
  • Distracted
  • Using a cell phone
  • Smoking
  • Driving too closely to another vehicle
  • Making an unsafe lane departure
fleetcam lane departure warning

Fleetcam FAQs

Can I use this all the time to watch like a security camera?

No, the cameras are not meant to be viewed all the time as a live stream security camera. They are helpful to provide exceptions and events, view live video (for a period of time, when the vehicle is on). Events are triggered and uploaded into the platform, but you can access the SD card itself to view longer periods of time. This is also useful for when the camera is unable to connect to a cell network or perhaps it damaged after an accident. Cameras which are outfitted with AI capabilities can have added in-cab driver coaching for real-time event triggers.

How are camera solutions intended to be used?

When you purchase a camera solution, they are not intended to be used to keep a constant live stream of your drivers up and available at all times. The industry standard for camera solutions is to use them in case of an accident or in an emergency situation. In today’s market, cameras like those provided by FleetCam have more advanced AI technology and are meant to record driver events and behaviours. They can provide real-time in-cab alerts as the events happen (on select plans, hardware requirements apply). The detected events and/or driver behaviours can be reviewed in the system on as needed basis, but the solution is meant to do the work for you. Constant live stream usage of the cameras will quickly use up your allotted data limit, meaning you will not be able to access the camera feed remotely. But not to worry! Should an accident occur, you can still access the footage from the camera(s) itself but you will not be able to access it over the air until your data resets the following period.

What is the default video resolution?

  • Video footage (in camera storage): 720p
  • Download video remotely (from storage): 480p or full HD
  • Live Streaming: 480p (configurable)
  • Historical Streaming: 480p (configurable)

Can I view more than one camera at a time?

Yes! You can live stream up to 6 cameras at a time, right from the MyGeotab platform. By default, the live stream will last for 60 seconds, but you are able to extend this near the end of the time limit. The live stream function lets you chose which camera(s) you want to view:

Both the live streams and events can show multiple cameras. The image below is taken from an event recording and also includes the map location:

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