Geotab Drive App for ELD

Geotab is a certified ELD provider in both Canada and the USA!

The Geotab Drive app is a cloud ELD platform that is free to download and at no additional charge* to your Geotab tracking monthly tracking service. ELD will allow you to comply with the American and Canadian House of Service ELD mandate. Geotab Drive is an app for the driver to use on Android and iOS devices. It communicates between the Geotab GO device and the mobile device through the Cloud and works in conjunction with MyGeotab software. Under heavy usage, the app averages 300-350 MB/month of data.

*HOS and ELD functionality on the Geotab Drive app requires Regulatory, Pro or Pro Plus tracking plan


Geotab Drive Main Features:


If you are on the Regulatory, Pro or Pro Plus plan, there will be no extra charge for your drivers to use ELD.  We just need to enable it on a per truck basis.

Please bear in mind that while there is no extra charge for you, the Geotab ELD system is a first-class ELD system and rivals the best ELD systems in the market.  While there is no charge for you to get this feature because you already use the Geotab tracking system, we have had new clients come to us specifically for the Geotab ELD system only (and they pay what you pay) and they receive the vehicle tracking feature as a bonus to the ELD system.

Please contact us when you are ready to get started and we will provide you with the necessary details.


Here are some tips on switching from paper logs to ELD: 

  1. Make sure the device is working properly
  2. Ensure you have all the documents available to you
  3. Keep backup paper logs on board


Here are the download links for Apple App Store and Android Google Play Store


Geotab Drive | Complete Walkthrough

Contact Us today to learn more about Geotab’s certified ELD solutio and the Geotab Drive app.

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