Using Geotab Drive for DVIR

The Geotab Drive app is a versatile and easy to use app that drivers can use to complete their Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR). Using the Geotab Drive app to complete a DVIR can be very beneficial for all types of vehicles. A DVIR is usually required for heavy-duty vehicles but we have also seen clients use the inspections reports to track the maintenance and condition of this vehicle.

The ability to maintain a paperless record of inspection reports

Using the Geotab Drive app for DVIR allows you to have a paperless, searchable record of your vehicle’s inspection history. This way you can quickly email the report to anyone requesting it and take action on any items quickly without having to look for your paper logs.

This also means that the drivers do not need to carry around stacks of paper records with them before they can deposit it to the office. This greatly reduces the chances of missing records and ease of use.

Easier way to report defects for drivers

The Geotab Drive DVIR allows the driver to quickly perform their daily inspections right from there smartphones or tablets. This significantly increases how quickly drivers can do the report. They are not required to fill out any physical forms and submit them to the office. They can submit their daily inspections at a push of a button and not worry about if it reached the right person or not.

Ability to act on defects promptly

Using the DVIR reports from the Geotab Drive app is stored in your MyGeotab database. Therefore, you can quickly get alerted if a vehicle has a defect and have your mechanic or garage ready with the parts before the vehicles arrive. You can also program the DVIR alerts to go to your mechanics directly allowing them to be aware of what needs to be fixed right away.

Reducing vehicle downtime is extremely important to any business. You want your vehicles to work as long as possible to maximize profitability. Being aware of your vehicle’s defects right away allows you to take action quickly and reduces the chances of prolonged vehicle downtime.

Ability to identify the driver of the vehicle

When your drivers are using the Geotab Drive app for DVIR, they will have to assign themselves to a vehicle. This means you can see exactly which driver is driving which vehicle in the MyGeotab database. This makes the driver accountable for the vehicles they are driving and allows you to trace back any defects to the drivers.

With all the savings and advantages of a GPS Tracking system, you can see that the system is valuable. We at GPS Tracking Canada deal with a variety of fleet sizes and types. Some of our clients only use the system for a single feature such as DVIR. A feature like this is will generate enough savings to cover the cost of the GPS tracking system. Our expertise comes from making sure all our clients take advantage of the benefits of GPS Tracking.

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