Geotab Harnesses

Light, Medium and Heavy Duty Vehicles

Depending on the diagnostics port in your vehicle, you may require specific Geotab harnesses or adapters in order to connect the Geotab GO device to your vehicles. This is dependent on the vehicle’s make, model, year which help us determine the port connection it has. However, it is also recommended to complete a visual inspection to confirm the port.

By ensuring that you are purchasing the correct adapter for your vehicle or equipment ahead of time, this allows you to quickly get up and running with the solution once your hardware arrives.

Please click on the following link which corresponds to your vehicle’s diagnostics port type to learn more about the available harnesses and options.


Geotab Harnesses for Light/Medium Duty Vehicles:

16-Pin Diagnostics Port

Geotab Harnesses for Heavy Duty Vehicles:

6-Pin Diagnostics Port

Please contact us if you are unsure of your vehicle’s diagnostic port type, or if you have special vehicle requirements for the harness.

For any adapter or harness, please keep in mind that the GPS tracking unit must not be positioned where the signal will be completely blocked by metal.

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