Monitoring Idling in Geotab

idling car exhaust

As gas prices continue to rise, it is becoming increasingly more important to cut fuel costs. With built in and customizable rules, Geotab GO devices can provide you with information about your fleet’s idling. Armed with this knowledge, you can easily address problem drivers to help lower both your fuel costs and maintenance costs for your vehicles!

GPS Tracking Canada has custom idling reports which can be added into your database whether you have light or heavy duty vehicles. With an editable field for gas prices, these reports give you a really good estimate of just how much you are spending on wasted fuel from excessive idling. The ideal percentage of operating time spent idling is 10%, and these reports will let you see how much higher or lower your drivers are to this baseline.


Large Fleet Idling

This is a screenshot of the summary section of an idling report for one of our clients with over 200 vehicles:


large fleet idling report

This report was ran for the period of May 1-31, 2022. As you can see above, the average idling total time for each vehicle over the course of the month was just over 38 hours, whereas the ideal 10% max would be just under 4 hours over the month. If all of their vehicles are similar to a light duty pick up truck, this will have cost them over $21,000 in one month. And if they are all heavy duty trucks? A whopping $43,000! By using these reports, they can easily determine who are the problem drivers in order to address their idling problems.


Small Fleet Idling

Idling does not only affect large companies. We also help companies with smaller fleet sizes save money on fuel and more. The screenshot below is from a small moving company who uses heavy duty vehicles:


small fleet idling report

This report was ran for the same amount of time, from May 10-31, 2022. As you can see, amongst their 3 vehicles they averaged almost 7 hours of idling, costing them $130. If they could eliminate the unnecessary idling, it would more than pay for the system’s monthly fees!

Monitoring your fleet’s idling is just one of the many ways that GPS tracking solutions can help you save money.


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