IFTA Reporting in MyGeotab

IFTA makes it easier for interjurisdictional carriers between thee Canadian provinces and most American states to report and pay taxes on fuel the use in each jurisdiction.

The MyGeotab platform allows you to easily run the IFTA report whenever you need it. By using the GPS data obtained from the Geotab GO device, the built-in IFTA report removes the effort and potential guesswork that comes with manually recording distances.

Below is an example of the IFTA report that can be run. You can see that it provides the enter/exit ODO values for the jurisdiction, as well as distance, fuel used, etc.

example IFTA report from MyGeotab

Geotab also offers an IFTA Troubleshooting Report which can be used as a validation tool before you submit your data.

Contact our Support Team if you have any questions on how to run the IFTA report in your MyGeotab database.

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