Geotab Pro Plus Plan

with Active Tracking and Lifetime Warranty

Geotab Pro Plus plan is the most robust plan available from Geotab. It includes ground-breaking features such as active tracking and lifetime warranty.  More over all the features available in the other plans are included in this plan. Other Pro Plus plan features include 24/7/365 Geotab Premium Support (requires fleet-wide Pro Plus plan) and more support for IOX add-on.

Active Tracking on Pro Plus

This is live animated tracking directly on the Geotab map. Active tracking gives you the most accurate location for your vehicles. We have clients that use this plan to track their taxi’s across the city, enabling them to more easily dispatch their vehicles to their customers.

24/7/365 Premium Geotab Support

If you have Pro Plus plan on all your vehicles in the fleet, you will receive 24/7/365 premium support directly from Geotab. Although issues are rare with Geotab devices and software, having 24/7 premium support allows you to have the piece of mind that goes with the ability to fix any issues at anytime and make sure your devices are tracking when you need them.

Limited Lifetime Device Warranty

Even though Geotab has a 0.1% failure rate in the first year, it is important to make sure your investment is protected and your devices are always operational. With the limited lifetime warranty available in Geotab Pro Plus plan, you can rest assured that in case of any device failure*,  your device will be replaced free of charge and you can get back to tracking your vehicles with minimum downtime.  This limited lifetime warranty also applies for network sunsets: If your device stops functioning because the network is not operational anymore, Geotab will replace you device free of cost.

*Device failure does not include physical damage, liquid damage or any type of tampering. Subject to Geotab RMA approval. All returned devices are investigated by Geotab to check for damage and tampering.
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