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How GPS Tracking Canada

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When you choose GPS Tracking Canada to improve your business, you get a powerful combination of technologies to monitor and measure the productivity of your drivers and vehicles, with the convenience of easy, secure access from any computer, smartphone or tablet.

GPS Tracking Canada’s tracking solutions are a simple installation into each vehicle, which then transmits important vehicle and driver measurements and location data. Your online access provides a wide range of data to give you real-time, at-a-glance information and a suite of customizable reports, so you receive the information you need to reduce your labour and fuel costs, improve your business operations and receive a very quick return on investment.

Many business have reported the monthly service fee recovered in the very first week of use. The service pays for itself on a vehicle by vehicle basis, every month, many times over.

GPS Tracking Canada

takes care of everything

GPS Tracking Canada takes care of everything

Hardware & Software Installation

  • Each vehicle or asset is equipped with a transmitter
  • Information form each unit is available through secure access from any computer or smart phone
  • Easy to use
Complete Training

Complete Training

  • Learn how to access, analyze and use the information that is most valuable to your business
  • Create your own custom reports
Personal Consultation

Personal Consultation

  • GPS Tracking specialists are just a phone call or email away to answer your questions, help you use the information and keep you up-to-date

Why not see for yourself how

GPS Tracking Canada can help your business?

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