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GPS Tracking Canada is an authorized dealer of the GPS tracking system manufactured by Geotab. Established in 1998, Geotab is a true Canadian success story, serving over 70 countries, with over 1,600,000 units in operation.

GPS Tracking Canada has been serving clients coast to coast, with a well established and satisfied client base.  A sample of some client testimonial letters can be viewed here:

Geotab Software Demo :

  • An overview of the Geotab tracking system software called MyGeotab:
    • Live map view: current status, ie. driving, stopped, etc.
    • Trips history in report view, ie. address, time and duration of each stop, idling time, distance driven, rules broken during trip
    • Trips history in map view: show breadcrumb trail, which is record of travel on map and if rule was broken for section of trip
    • Rules to monitor and manage fleet:  categorized by safety, productivity and “fleet” – vehicle related issues. Custom rules can also be created.
    • Reports: can be setup to run automatically and delivered to email
    • Engine faults and snapshots of vehicle health
    • Fuel economy, consumption and fill up tracking

    Please keep in mind that Geotab has different service plans, with different features, at different pricing. Please discuss with your sales representative which plan and features works best for your organization.

Please visit the following link for more introductory videos including:

  • Geotab Transforming Fleet Management: 
    • The Geotab philosophy for fleet tracking and how it’s important to you
  • The Geotab Difference:
    • What sets Geotab apart as a world leader in the development of GPS tracking devices
  • MyGeotab App for smartphone or tablet access
  • Fleet Optimization with Geotab:
    • Some advanced features of MyGeotab, from monitoring fuel usage and fill-ups to proactive monitoring for engine maintenance
  • Introductory video on the Geotab Marketplace:
    • The Geotab Marketplace, like the Apple or Android App Store, is an extensive collection of valuable, business focused applications that are continuously evolving. 
      The Geotab Marketplace is a robust complement to the MyGeotab platform that provides customers of all sizes in different industries to draw value from an enhanced level of operational customization, further broadening the benefits of MyGeotab.

These videos above represent only a sample of over 100 informational and How To videos.  


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