GPS Tracking solutions for landscaping and the snow removal industry drives productivity and profits!

Fleet tracking is used by landscaping professionals to monitor productivity and produce additional profits. Keeping aware of where crews are, their timesheet accuracy and job validations helps managers improve business operations.

Knowing when a crew has completed a job and being able to direct them to the the next job immediately is vital to landscaping and snow removal fleet managers. GPS Tracking service helps with job validation, so that you can improve your productivity. Being able to validate the work done on a daily basis is vital to knowing that the job was completed and reported accurately.

With GPS Tracking Canada’s GPS Fleet Management solutions working for you, you will know when your crews begin working each day, how fast they are traveling, how long they idle, how to best route them to jobs and when your crews finish for the day. Knowing these details gives you the opportunity to correct any actions you do not like, allowing you to save on fuel and maintenance costs. All of these variables are measurable and controllable with GPS tracking equipment.

Business owners have found that their crews were more motivated to finish each job, because they know that their work is monitored and measured. Some businesses found that when their crews knew they were being monitored, they finished the work quicker and more efficiently, and their vehicles would arrive back in the yard up to an hour and half earlier than before. Thanks to our landscaping fleet management solutions, crews could handle more jobs per day, increasing revenue per vehicle and improving overall customer service.

Learn how a GPS Tracking Canada’s GPS Tracking services and fleet tracking solutions can benefit you.

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Benefits include:

  • Reduced fuel expenses
  • Increase in new business opportunities
  • Ability to monitor after hours vehicle usage
  • Potential lowered insurance costs fleet wide
  • Ability to locate stolen or lost equipment
  • Increased productivity

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