The LTE-M network and Why It’s Changing GPS Tracking

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The LTE-M network or LTE Network for Machines is a low power network specifically designed for IoT (internet of things) devices. This technology is a game-changer in the GPS Tracking industry and is the next step in the evolution of asset and vehicle tracking. LTE-M is has been rolled out by all the major carriers in Canada with coverage in most major cities (not available in SK). We here at GPS Tracking Canada have embraced this technology and have launched new devices that can take advantage of this network. 

Why is the LTE-M network so important?

1. LTE-M is power efficient:

The LTE-M uses significantly less power than the traditional LTE or 3G networks. Furthermore, LTE-M devices last up to 10x longer than devices using 4G or 3G networks, allowing you to track your assets for a longer period on power.

2. LTE-M network allows for smaller devices:

The low power usage of LTE-M devices allows for more compact devices. As battery life is increased, devices can uses smaller batteries to produce the same battery life as a 4G or 3G device. This means manufacturers can create pocket-size GPS tracking that can track assets for a longer period without recharging or needing to swap batteries. 

3. LTE-M has better network penetration:

LTE-M is designed for better network coverage. Therefore, your GPS tracking devices can communicate with the cellular network even while they are indoors. Furthermore, better network penetration allows for faster connectivity, allowing your device to communicate with your tracking system much faster.

With the LTE-M being poised to take over the IoT field, we at GPS Tracking Canada are already taking the steps in utilizing this technology. We are currently offering the Calamp LMU-1230 which is fully LTE-M capable. This device is carrier agnostic and is cable of roaming on all available LTE-M networks in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. This device has multiple installation options and can be used in a variety of applications.

We will be adding more devices in the near future that can utilize the LTE-M network. 

For more information on  LTE-M or any of the products and services we provide, please contact us. 


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