OBDII Extension Cable

If you are unable to make the adjustment to reposition the OBDII port, you can make use of an OBDII extension cable, or a T-harness. The extension cable allows you to extend the reach of the OBDII port so that you can tuck the device up and out of harms way, preventing drivers from knocking the device out when getting in/out of the vehicle.

HRN-BS16S4 OBDII Extension Cable

OBDII Extension Cable Purpose:

  • Used to lengthen the connection for the Geotab GO tracking device
  • Helps protect the device by moving it out of harm’s way of the driver.
  • Required on vehicles where:
    • the engine diagnostics port (OBDII) location would result in the device hindering the driver’s safe movement into and out of the vehicle
    • the OBDII location prevents the secure connection of the GO device
  • Allows for semi-convert installation by enabling the device to be tucked up and out of the way, hidden from drivers and thieves

Max length of connected cables:  6.5 feet (2 meters)

Length: 39 inches (1 meter)

For any adapter or harness, please keep in mind that the GPS tracking unit must not be positioned where the signal will be completely blocked by metal. Please contact us if you are unsure of your port type.

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