Predictive Maintenance

with Optimum Fleet Health

Why get predictive maintenance?

“Using data transmitted from your telematics device, Optimum VRx predictive engine analyzes over 8000 proprietary Key Performance Indicators, which help detect unforeseen issues, diagnose the cause, predict relative time to failure, and prescribe a detailed fix up to four weeks in advance. Maintenance managers can proactively monitor the ongoing health of all assets in real-time. This allows your organization the ability to prioritize maintenance resources and intervene before the asset is inoperable.”1

Features and Benefits of Optimum Fleet Health

  • Decreased downtime = Increased reliability of your fleet!
  • Colour coded impact levels to help organize and manage your maintenance schedule
  • Automatic notifications when issues ariseImproves fuel economy and vehicle safety
  • Dashboard summary of the entire fleet for easy review
  • Health analysis and reports for various vehicle aspects including: engine, transmission, coolant, brakes, fuel, exhaust, electrical, & more!


How It Works

  1. TSP Data is transmitted from the vehicle to the processing server
  2. Fault codes are processed by Optimum Fleet Health’s predictive analytics engine
  3. Automatic email notifications are sent out to the appropriate parties
  4. Maintenance can now be scheduled by your team


Contact us today to learn more about Optimum Fleet Health’s predictive maintenance solution, or read more here.

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