Remote Predictive Maintenance with TripVision

Make breakdowns a thing of the past with remote predictive maintenance!

TripVision is a remote predictive maintenance tool designed by Noregon Systems to provide a covering eye over your fleet’s maintenance needs based on the engine codes detected by the Geotab GO device. It compiles the Geotab engine diagnostic codes and data across many real-life examples to break down issues and potential issues in regards to maintaining your fleet. Using their detailed insights and predictive algorithms, TripVision provides fleets of all sizes with the knowledge to minimize vehicle downtime by preventing serious malfunctions or safety issues.

Predictive Maintenance vs. Preventative Maintenance

Think of preventative maintenance like your regular oil changes, spark plug checks and tire rotations. This is the maintenance that you do on a regular basis to help with the everyday functioning of your vehicles by helping to prevent unexpected issues in the future.

On the other hand, predictive maintenance uses available information to predict when you should service your vehicle for a specific issue. TripVision uses the engine codes sent from the Geotab GO device with their platform to tell you whether you should consider performing service on your vehicle based on their algorithms. This helps you address issues before they become larger problems, meaning you can avoid paying for expensive repairs and lost income because of breakdowns.

Who Uses TripVision?

Those in charge of their heavy-duty fleets or maintenance departments are some of the main users of the TripVision solution. However the solution can easily be used by anyone due to its easy to understand nature and so businesses of any size can benefit! By staying ahead of concerns before they become larger issues, fleets are about to become more efficient with less vehicle downtime.

Return On Investment (ROI)

According to some surveys, unexpected breakdown can cost fleets between $488 and $760 per day, per vehicle. By using a solution like TripVision, you are able to address little problems before they become the big ones that lead to these unplanned breakdowns. Unplanned downtime can lead to missed pickups, delayed delivery fees, narrowed/missed delivery windows, costly roadside repairs, towing fees, and potential loss of future revenue due to a perception of decreased reliability. All of these continue to add onto the cost of unexpected breakdowns. By implementing this monitoring solution, you can easily avoid these circumstances and saves $1000s a year compared to the low monthly cost.

TripVision and MyGeotab Integration

TripVision is available for Geotab customers as an add-on integration with your existing Geotab service*. The data will be directly linked, and TripVision will translate your codes into a readable format so you won’t need to translate this yourself! It provides information on the effect on the vehicle, recommendations, driver action plans and professional maintenance action plans.

When your vehicles are using Geotab GO devices on the Pro or Pro+ plans they are able to obtain the engine codes and their descriptions. This information is great if you have an in-house mechanic who can utilize these codes and evaluate them. However it is the TripVision algorithm which takes these codes, evaluates how they relate to each other, and makes predictions on what may happen down the line.

Features include:

24/7 insight

No longer will you have to bring your vehicle in to get an understanding of its status. TripVision allows you to make informed decisions to maximize uptime.

Predictive Technology

Evaluate codes to improve fleet health by preemptively addressing faults.

Preventive Maintenance Tracking

Keep track of your regular ongoing maintenance all within one system.

Configurable User Interface

TripVision understands that various players within your organization may have different needs and priorities. Use configurable alerts to help at each level!

Easy to Understand Dashboard

Summary page to view the overall health, safety and performance values of your fleet, while also pinpointing any potential “problem vehicles”.

*please note that TripVision will require an active Geotab subscription on Pro Plan or higher.


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