Tips for Switching from Paper Logs to Geotab ELD

It can be very confusing to switch from a paper log system to an Electronic Logging system (ELD). Here are some tips to make it easier for you to make the switch.

There are some very simple things that you can do to keep your Geotab ELD logs in compliance with the regulations. Making sure to avoid these pitfalls is key in the successful operation of the ELD system.

1. Make sure the device is working properly:

The Geotab ELD system requires the Geotab tracking device and a cell phone or tablet to run the Geotab Drive application. Make sure the Geotab device is working properly by verifying that the installation of the device. For installation information, visit: Geotab GO device installation

Make sure your phone is properly connected to the internet and the Geotab Drive App is updated. If you are having issues with your device, please contact us right away and we can help you out.

2. Ensure you have all the documents available to you:

Ensure you have the three required ELD documents in the cab/accessible electronically:

  • Transfer Guide
  • ELD Manual
  • Malfunction Guide

If you cannot find the documents, please contact us.

3. Keep backup paper logs on board:

Keeping a backup paper logs in your vehicles ensures that in case of some rare malfunction of the ELD system, you can still complete the paper logs and be in compliance with the regulation.  You are required to have the 3 above documents as well as a blank paper log on board the vehicles at all times when using the ELD system.

Here some tips below on a good workflow in using the ELD system:

Make sure to select the correct HOS Ruleset:

Ensuring you pick the correct ruleset allows you to make sure your compliant with regulations at all times. The first ON duty log that appears after your 10-hour break starts your consecutive workday.

The ELD rule states that if you start your day with an automatic DRIVE or ON log then there is no way to edit this log, therefore you workday will continue. Before starting your vehicle for the day, make sure that you are working on that day as your consecutive day will start as soon as the vehicle is turned on. This is also the same case for Yard move status.

Using Personal Conveyance (PC) in Truck Stops:

Sometimes drivers have to shuffle their vehicle around while they are resting at a truck stop. If the device detects the vehicles is turned on it will put you in ON duty status. This will reset your rest period. The solution to this is to activate Personal Conveyance (PC) before starting your vehicle. When PC is turned on, the system will keep in off duty status. Note: It’s ok to leave PC on while in a truck stop or rest. The app will prompt if you would like to keep PC on when your ignition is turned on. If you click “no” and you will be put back ON duty.

Make sure to Log Out at the end of your workday:

You must finish all your post-trip work (DVIR, paperwork) while in the ON duty status at the end of your workday. After you have done so, make sure to Log out of the app. This will minimize the chances of you accidentally being attributed to any HOS logs. You can always use Personal Conveyance if you need to move the vehicle.


If you have any questions about the Geotab Drive App or any other questions regarding our system, please contact us.

More more information about the Geotab Drive app visit:

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