GPS Tracking for Trailers

GPS Tracking for trailersWe here at GPS Tracking Canada are proud to provide different solution for different needs including GPS Tracking for trailers. In the year 2017, Statistics Canada reported that over 65 billion shipments were transported across Canada. Majority of this is through long haul trucks and trailers. Therefore, it is more important that ever to know exactly where a shipment is and be able to plan your transportation needs effectively. GPS tracking for trailers gives you the peace of mind that come with knowing exactly where your trailers are and the ability to find a specific shipment across North America.


Why do you need GPS tracking for trailers?

  • Ability to locate your shipment directly from your computer or mobile device.
  • Protection against theft.
  • Better metrics for how the trailer is used to improve job costing
  • Ability to track your trailers independently of the truck.
  • It allows you to install various sensors on the trailers such as temperature tracking, door sensors, axle sensors, etc.
  • Ability to individually manage the maintenance of your trailers.

What solution do we offer for tracking trailers?

In addition to offering many solutions for vehicle tracking, GPS Tracking Canada offers multiple solutions for trailer tracking. We have offerings ranging from hardwired IP67 rated trackers to solar-powered trackers. We also offer a solution that will allow you to track different sensors such as temperature sensors for refrigerated trailers, door sensors, and axle sensors. We also offer solutions on multiple tracking platforms, allowing us to create a fully customized system that integrates various devices for vehicles, trailers and asset tracking to match your GPS tracking needs.

Advantages of Trailer Tracking:

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