Troubleshooting the OBDII Port

The engine diagnostics port (OBDII) port uses the same fuse as the cigarette lighter adapter, so the fuse that you should look for when troubleshooting the OBDII port will be labelled CIG or ACC (accessory), or something similar.  With more people charging smartphones, computers and tablets in their vehicles, it has become more common for the cigarette lighter adapter fuse to blow. The GPS tracking system plugged into the engine diagnostics port (OBDII) uses very little power and would not be the cause of the blown fuse.

As an example, Chevys usually have the fuse boxes under the hood and Ford fuse boxes are usually in the cab. Sometimes they may be on the driver side and sometimes on the passenger side. The photo below shows two different size fuses, yet both are 15 amp.

GPS Tracking System fuse for OBDII port

Before you take in the vehicle to your mechanic, it may be worthwhile to check if your cigarette lighter outlet is working.  If not, check the fuse.  Sometimes a driver uses this outlet and blows the fuse, thereby affecting the power to the OBDII port.

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