Wialon: TIMESHEET / Trips History Report

Automatically Emailed timesheet / Trips History Report:

The automatically emailed  timesheet verify employee productivity and customer service levels

The live map view will show on the map (among many things):

  • Current speed of travel of the vehicle and whether it is speeding:
    • affects $: fuel costs, company image on branded vehicles, vehicle wear / tear maintenance costs
  • Each vehicle’s distance to within ??? meter to a specific address or point of interest, ie. dispatch who is closest:
    • affects $: fuel costs, labour costs and customer service

Here below is some detailed information about the vehicle trips history.

Trips history is recorded in two ways. 

1. The trips history is shown in an image format as a bread crumb trail on the map, showing the route used. See here:

This is a general overview of the breadcrumb trail:


Wialon trips

2. The trips history is recorded in a “timesheet” report  showing information as described below.

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For many companies, one of your most important requirements in a GPS tracking system is to produce a automatically emailed TIMESHEET report to control productivity and labour costs.

Bear in mind :

  • If you get the employee to punch a clock it is within employee control to punch in early and punch out late
  • If you get the employee or supervisor to produce a hand written recorded timesheet it within employee control to record early arrival and to record late exit
  • The automatically emailed timesheet report is beyond employee control Employee control:
  • 10 minutes early and 10 minutes late = 20 mins/day
  • 20 mins/day x 21 work days/mth = 7 hrs/mth
  • 7 hrs/mth x $15.hr = $105. mth

Use the automatically emailed timesheet report to:

  • Verify employee productivity:
    • Are they being efficient in the deliveries or service calls that they are making?
    • Where did they go?
    • When did they arrive?
    • When did they leave?
  • Verify employee pay:
    • ie. it becomes an automatic employee punch clock
  • Verify customer service levels

Report Showing Weekly Trips

Report Sample image and Explanation: Report shows start and end of day, stops during the day and the total hours between start of day and end of day

report example

This report can be set to automatically arrive with your email every morning, showing the previous day’s driving activity for all your vehicles.

Here is a Sample report:


You can have this report automatically arrive:

  •     emailed to whomever you want
  •     emailed simultaneously to as many people as you want
  •     as often you want (ie. every day, every week or every month),
  •     for whatever period you want, ie. for the previous day’s or the previous week’s driving for some or all of the trucks.

Like all the GPS Tracking reports, you can run the report manually whenever you want, or we can help you setup to automatic creation and emailing of the report.  Many of our clients choose the automatic creation and emailing of the reports.  You can choose to have the report sent to any email address(es) of your choosing, so that the reports do not flood your main email address.

TIP:  setup a free email address and have all the reports sent there automatically and then login to the email address whenever you wish to view a specific dated report.  Ie. you can choose to setup an email address such as:


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