GPS Tracking


GPS Tracking

With GPS Tracking Canada’s comprehensive systems of mobile GPS units and secure access from any computer, you track your entire fleet of vehicles, record vehicle activity and analyse the data all in real-time. And then you get to put all that reliable and useful information to work.


Increase Revenue & Decrease Costs

GPS Tracking Canada’s GPS Tracking system pays for itself quickly, then it pays you:

  • Reduce labour costs with higher worker efficiency and less overtime. GPS Tracking is like having a supervisor who works for free.
  • Reduce fuel costs with lower vehicle speeds, less idling and better driving habits
  • Reduce maintenance costs with more efficient service intervals, less wear & tear and extended vehicle life
  • Increase revenue with higher employee productivity and more customer satisfaction

The Real Benefits of GPS Tracking

More Billable
Service Calls

Higher Employee

Customer Satisfaction

Asset Management
Get a higher return on investment from existing assets with improved scheduling and vehicle deployment

Human Resources
Keep track of hours worked and distance travelled and put the right people in the right place<

Vehicle Maintenance
Minimize downtime and improve operating efficiency with optimized vehicle service scheduling

Need to move fast? Change plans quickly with direct communications to every vehicle

Customer Satisfaction
Improved on-time rates, more availability and real-time shipment arrival information!

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