Geotab Case Studies

Discover how fleet management technology can improve your business

Case studies can be an invaluable tool for deciding whether a product is right for you. Here we present to you 4 different case studies for four very different companies.
Perhaps they are not exactly the same as your company, but the fact is, each of them found value in being able to track their vehicles, and manage their resources more effectively.
Regardless of what type of company you have, if you have vehicles on the road, you too can benefit from being able to measure their productivity.
GPS Tracking technology can help you boost your performance and build your business just like the companies you can read about below.

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red hawk fire and security

Red Hawk Fire & Security

The company recognized the potential of improving driver behavior in an attempt to:

  • curtail accident rates
  • improve driver productivity and safety
  • improve driver safety
  • reduce fuel consumption by reducing idling.


1-800-GOT-JUNK case study

Since installing Geotab’s plug- and-play system in 2011 telematics and GPS were the go-to solution to manage:

  • younger, inexperienced drivers
  • improved routing
  • get trucks to customer locations on time and efficiently — and then onto the next job.



Paine’s Inc. Recycling & Rubbish Removal

Geotab offered a quality product and gave Paine’s the
flexibility to find and utilize benefits, including:

  • Provide better customer service
  • Safety and driver compliance
  • cut down on a number off-route trips
  • improve route and driver safety
  • safety is ultimately what it’s all about


Second Harvest Food Rescue

In addition to the productivity enhancements achieved, Second Harvest also experienced:

  • operating cost savings
  • enhanced vehicle safety
  • locate the truck in the closest proximity, reducing driver and dispatch time as well as fuel costs.
  • Monitoring driver idling time
  • analyze and adjust factors that contribute to unsafe driving practices.



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