Red Hawk Fire & Security Case Study

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Red Hawk Fire & Security

Red Hawk Fire & Security

More than 50,000 companies and institutions across North America rely on the resources and knowledge delivered by Red Hawk Fire & Security. The company provides a comprehensive set of advanced safety and security technologies that are custom designed to meet the specific needs of the businesses they serve. From a corporate perspective, management set a goal to service more customers in a day – which meant boosting employee productivity and customer satisfaction by going from 4 service tickets to 5. The company also recognized the potential of improving driver behavior in an attempt to curtail accident rates. According to their fleet manager, “We had a very high accident rate, which was most costly in our Northeast Region – and that needed to be corrected.” Beyond improving driver productivity and safety, the company was also looking to reduce fuel consumption and spend by getting a better handle on the time vehicle’s spent idling.

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