Geotab GPS Tracking Case Study on Paine’s Inc. Recycling & Rubbish Removal

Initial Company Challenges: Finding the Right Fit

by GPS Tracking Canada

Finding a GPS tracking company that best fits your fleet can be complicated. Paine’s Inc. quickly realized this back in 2007, when one of the municipalities the company was bidding on and now operates in made installing GPS in all service vehicles a contract requirement.While new requirements can be stressful, Russell Paine, vice president of this recycling and disposal services company, says the move pushed the company to dive all-in. “It was something we knew could deliver a great deal of benefits to the company, but we hadn’t pulled the trigger yet,” Russell says.Russell conducts much of the procurement for Paine’s. Normally the process is fairly quick, but GPS tracking system, he says, was very different from anything the company had ever purchased before. “My General Manager and I did all the interviews, and at the end we looked at each other and realized there were not going to be any apples-to-apples comparisons.” In the four-month process of getting providers to present, then gathering all that data, Russell says they were shocked at how many differences there were and how complicated the details became.

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