Selling and Supporting Safety with GPS Tracking


Selling and Supporting Safety with GPS Tracking

4 core pillars drive Geotab’s ongoing innovation, which helps businesses make impactful improvements

by GPS Tracking Canada


When it comes to getting GPS tracking systems for your fleet you look at the ROI (Return on Investment). This PDF will show you some ways that you can save money when incorporating safety. When you start to look at the safety pillar with Geotab’s GPS tracking system you can start to avoid situations that will cost you money. Managing the below will assist with prevention of accidents, speeding tickets and, therefore, lower unnecessary spending on safety related driving actions.Monitoring speed, Monitoring seatbelt,Harsh braking,Harsh acceleration,Harsh cornering, Late night driving (10:00pm to 4:00am is considered drowsy driving hours), Reversing, and Accident recording.

Geotab’s flexible reporting functionality allows you to create a driver score card that will make it easier for management levels to see who needs some driver training. Can easily show based on the rules of your choice who are safe drivers and who are risky drivers. Driver scores can also be set up to be emailed in a timely matter. Can be very positive by looking at who are safe drivers and offer an incentive program.

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