Geotab Drive’s Electronic DVIR (Driver’s Vehicle Inspection Report)


Geotab Drive Android application

This application will allow your drivers to submit electronic DVIR (Driver’s Vehicle Inspection Report) with their Android tablet or phone.

by GPS Tracking Canada


This PDF will explain how to use Geotab Drive’s electronic DVIR function. After reviewing the document you will be able to log into the application, and input your asset information. Once logged into the application you will be able to submit electronic DVIR reports that will instantly go into MyGeotab. After conducting an inspection at the end of the day inspections are then reviewed by maintenance staff, driver manager/coordinators.

At the start of a shift, touch DVIR on the home screen which will show any unreviewed DVIR. The maintenance team or driver manager has reviewed
the log and has touched Repairs made or Not necessary. You will see a blue wrench indicating the DVIR has been reviewed. If you are not satisfied with the corrective action or have concerns over status, you can choose [Unsafe to operate] and then open a new DVIR to create a new defect.

For more information on how to implement this in your fleet give our sales reps a call at 1-877-477-0987 or Mail us.

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