Geotab User Guide – GPS Tracking Hardware and Checkmate Software


Geotab User Guide:

Online Help for Geotab

GPS Tracking Hardware and Checkmate Software


Instructional videos:

Video Library – extensive collection of videos



Geotab GO5 & GO6 – Everything About Installation

Geotab GO5 & GO6 – Problem Diagnosis

Geotab GO6 – Hardware Specifications

Geotab GO5 – Hardware Specifications

Geotab GO4 – Hardware Specifications

Engine Diagnostics Port – Repositioning the OBDII Port

Geotab Engine Diagnostics Port Adapters

Geotab Support Forum for Hardware


Checkmate (new version 5.6 – from Aug 2012):

Checkmate 5.6 User Guide and Product Guide

Checkmate 5.6 Browser Compatibility

Checkmate 5.6 Getting Started

Checkmate 5.6 Software Forum

Video – Checkmate: Getting Started with Online Help

Video – Checkmate 5.6 General Overview 12.Sep.12 – 1 Hour

Starting Checkmate (version 5.5):

Minimum system requirements to run Geotab Checkmate

Logging in to Geotab Checkmate with a web browser

Using Checkmate:

Mapped Routes Trips History

Getting Started with Geotab Checkmate – Online Help

Getting Started with Geotab Checkmate Live Map and Trips History

CheckMate displays information in miles or kilometers (KMs) depending on the regional settings on your PC

How to Setup Security Clearances

How to Setup Zones

Creating Exception Rules and Alerts in Geotab Checkmate

Summary of Checkmate Rules to Alert Management re: Abuse

Create a Device Unplugged Rule in Checkmate

How to create a custom alert email message template

Alert The Driver When Rule Broken with in cab beeps or email message

Garmin Functional Overview Messaging, Routing and Dispatch

Garmin Message Options – Freeform or canned quick status messages

Vehicle Maintenance Reminders, Maintenance Records and Vehicle Maintenance History

Locating the nearest vehicle to an address or a facility ( geozone / point of interest )

Replace GPS tracking device with new device on Checkmate


Geotab Checkmate Report Descriptions

Customer visits, detailed trips report, live mapping and tampering alerts

How To Import a Custom Excel Report to Checkmate

Creating a Zone Report for Situations Where the Vehicle Does Not Stop in the Zone

Detailed Daily Trip Information:

Explantion : Report shows start and end of day, stops during the day & more

Benefits: Geotab Custom Detailed Trips History Report

Geotab Fuel Reporting – Integrated IFTA Report

Geotab Support Forum for Custom Reports



Geotab Support Forum for Software

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