Adding Another User To Custom Reports


Adding Another User To Custom Reports

How To Add A Single User To Geotab Custom Reports

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To add a single user to receive custom reports without having your entire organization receive the same emails follow these simple steps:

Log into the user you wish to have the custom report sent to, and choose custom reports.

If you are unable to see Custom Reports in the current logged in user you would need to bump that users clearance level up to supervisor temporarily.

Click on the Custom Report you wish to have emailed and click on enable email.


Check mark Email report, make sure that Include Data for is set to Yesterday for Daily  and Last week for Weekly Report. Change the Date and time in Next run time to when you would like the email sent on a repeating basis. Click on Receivers


Once you are in the Receivers tab click on Send the schedule report to myself and then click on ok


You will then be brought back to the list of Custom Reports and you can enable another report if you like to in the same way.

If this is a feature you would like to incorporate into your fleet
Give us a call at 1-877-477(GPS)0987 or
you can submit a form to a sales representative and have them contact you

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